• We create advanced machine vision systems on a base of cameras: 2D,  3D and line scan.
  • We modernize existing, unreliable vision systems, usually by replacing the software with a new one, based on a better concept.
  • We create software for the analysis of images obtained from different sources.
On request, beyond “pure machine vision” systems are equipped with rich functionality such as advanced logic, auto-calibration, archiving and reporting, in-line cooperation with the surroundings.
Our strength lies in complete understanding of machine vision systems and highly effective algorithms for image analysis. In our applications mostly we create our own algorithms and in simpler tasks our algorithms complement third-party commercial algorithms.
In our applications we rely on the best components from reputable companies. For some projects, because of lack of suitable components we create our own products (e.g. illumination).
In creating of the reliable vision applications we use the theory of designing  of the measuring systems.
100% of our equipment fully meets the requirements of our customers and works reliably for many years.