1. Our solutions are mainly based on our own technology. Hardware and software of our suppliers are important instrumental.
  1. Requirements for Machine Vision or Measurement System
    Each project implemented by us is based on the Annexes to the Agreement, developed by the Customer or jointly:
  • System Specification –  accurately and comprehensively describing the required system functionality and working conditions of the system, including all possible specific cases and deviations from the norm.
  • Tested Objects Specification – accurately and comprehensively describing the test subjects, all relevant and irrelevant features, including all possible specific cases and deviations from the norm.
Bilateral reconciliation of such documents significantly reduces the risk of failures and subsequent conflicts.
These specifications must be complete. Omission of any features or incorrect identification of features may result in system malfunction.
In the implementation of Machine Vision System is preferable, and in the implementation of the Measuring System it is necessary to provide technical drawing of the Object/s, indicating the characteristics to be surveyed. Specification of the Object/s must describe ALL possible versions of the Object/s, for example, must include drawings of all versions of the Object or drawing of a basic version and a description of the differences between the versions. It should also be supplemented with any other documents describing the investigated objects.
In some application for quality inspection it is very helpful to present the Defects Catalogue.
Samples of objects have only secondary importance, are used for the practical proof of concept created on the base of the documents.
The lack of any technical documentation and referencing on the observation of the process only or a test during onsite visits after invitation “Please come and see” we consider as disrespectful approach to the project.

       3. METRUM does not have and never will have a certified Quality System. Quality System Certificate only confirms the implementation of certain
           procedures and does not evaluate the quality of these procedures. Quality System Certificate is not related to quality of products and services.